Kalicube Tuesdays at Wordlift

Jason Barnard takes his podcast online thanks to Kalicube !

Kalicube Tuesdays is the event we organised to keep the podcast going through 2020. For the kickoff episodes, Wordlift sponsor us for the summer !

Kalicube Tuesdays at Wordlift, June 2020

Confirmed guests for summer 2020:

  1. James Mulvany
  2. Dr. Ai Addyson-Zhang
  3. Bengü Atamer
  4. Neal Schaffer
  5. David Avrin
  6. Patrick M Powers
  7. Ryan Foland
  8. Matthew Tenney
  9. Ted Rubin
  10. Rand Fishkin
  11. Jes Scholz
  12. Chase Reiner
  13. John Lincoln