The Challenges of Digital PR campaigns (James Brockbank with Jason Barnard)

James Brockbank with Jason Barnard at YoastCon 2019

James Brockbank talks with Jason Barnard about the challenges of digital PR campaigns.

  • Links are like nuclear waste.
  • Links have less value than before penguin.
  • PBNs no longer work.
  • Mentions have no value.
  • Relevant links are gold

Google are simply sending us a red herring by saying that we should stop focussing on links, so says James Brockbank. In this really enjoyable conversation, James shares some great examples of linkbuilding and gives his 6 point list for creating content that will get those valuable links.

Oh, and apparently, Kim Kardashian works less than a day to earn what the average Brit earns in a year !