User intent and brand mentions (Razvan Gavrilas with Jason Barnard)

Razvan Gavrilas with Jason Barnard at TakeItOffline Brighton 2019

Razvan Gavrilas talks with Jason Barnard about user intent and brand mentions.

I start badly by getting his name totally wrong. But Razvan is kind and (I think) he forgives me once I call him a genius. Razvan then kindly goes through the three types of keyword – know, go, do / informational, navigational, transactional… and helps me make better sense of them, how to include them more intelligently in your content – in short what to do, what not to do and how to best exploit the three types. He also agrees with Kate Toon – getting rid of churners is a good plan. Razvan makes the same point as Andrea Volpini – that when using machines to do SEO, the human remains essential and that there is a dance between humans and machines. We then move onto measuring brand and product mentions, including sentiment, and using context to disambiguate.