Tactics for Organic Traffic Growth (Lukasz Zelezny with Jason Barnard)

Lukasz Zelezny with Jason Barnard at Digital Olympus 2019

Lukasz Zelezny talks with Jason Barnard about the tactics for organic traffic growth.

Lukasz is a drum and bass DJ… so we discuss how many digital marketers were once musicians / in the arts. I discover that Lukasz loves stories and adores metaphors – through which he shares super tips for imporving your SEO and increasing organic traffic (reasonably) easily. Lukasz finds a lovely balance between digging dep, and doing simple things that bring quick results that keep your clients happy. The Snapshot method. Gap Analysis. Lukasz shares his favourite WordPress plugins. I share Wordlift with him and he goes off to investigate. We both get excited about reducing flowery content – be honest, direct, straight to the answer. And we end with a big fat smiley agree-fest !

Lukasz runs an SEO agency in London. Find out more here