Chasing Quality over Quality Score (Navah Hopkins with Jason Barnard)

Navah Hopkins with Jason Barnard at Digital Olympus 2019

Navah Hopkins talks with Jason Barnard about chasing quality and quality score.

Google Ads – the mistakes not to make. Most of which I made. Quality score is a health indicator and not a KPI. Bid-to-budget ratios, The importance of isolating branded campaigns. Be the best in industry. Big brands are rubbish – they send dumb money at the problem – and there is your opportunity. Navah also sets me straight on Dynamic Search Ads (which I now realise I got over-enthusiastic about). And NEVER let a Border Collie take control of your DSA campaigns cos you will lose money (most border collies ain’t so smart). I get over-enthusiastic about DSA, confused about pipes, and yet (somehow) I strike gold. Lastly, Navah tells us about the three A’s… Automation, audiences and attribution – the key to the future. Then, to cap it all, I get Navah’s name wrong !